“FESTRÓIA” Film Festival – Setúbal

Ali Savut 06.06.2011
I am very happy that Turkey was invited to participate in this prestigious “Festróia” Film Festival of Setúbal.I thank you for the hospitality and the warm welcome extended to us.

Turkish film industry was already in its golden years in the 60´s and 70´s. I remember old style movie theatres were always full especially on weekends.Turkish films were competing at the box office with American and French films. The Turkish Hollywood was called “Yeşilçam”, after the name of a street in Istanbul.

The 80´s and 90´s were marked by the decline of the Turkish film industry partially because of the impact of TV. However there were also a number of good movies during this period and some will be shown in this festival.

In the last ten years, we are witnessing the renaissance of Turkish movie industry. The number of Turkish movies and of people who go and see them has dramatically increased.

I think this was due to improved economic situation, more government support and more comfortable modern theatres.

The quality of our movies has also improved. For instance, last month, “Once Upon A Time in Anatolia”, - not a very original title – by Nuri Bilge Ceylan won the Cannes Film Festival 2011 Grand Prix. Another example is “Honey” won the Golden Bear Award in Berlin. I saw “Honey” in Lisbon and the theatre was full of students, which shows that non-commercial movies can also interest many people, including young ones.

Before concluding I congratulate the very dynamic organisers of the “Festróia” Film Festival. This is an important part of the culture life of Setúbal. These events promote a better understanding of foreign cultures.

I thank the Turkish Ministry of Culture who provided the movies and the Ankara Cinema Association.

I also thank particularly, the organizers and artists who came all the way from Turkey to attend this event.

Pazartesi - Cuma

09.00 - 12.30 / 14.00 - 17.30

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