"Portugal Exportador" Etknlikleri Kapsamında Yapılan Konuşma

Ali Savut 13.10.2011
I am very pleased to be here today. When I was invited to take the floor at this “Portugal Exportador 2011” event, I first thought that this should not be my role. My job should rather be the promotion of Turkish products. But then I realized that we share the same goals, since the aim of this event is to strengthen companies relationship with partners and to promote internationalization. Business is a two way street. That is why I am happy to take part in this activity.
Our bilateral trade volume approached 1 billion US dollars in 2010. For the first 8 months of this year, there was an increase of 12%. So, in 2011 we will probably reach and pass the threshold of 1 billion US dollars. I note that Portuguese exports to Turkey increased more than Portuguese imports, which means that the Turkish side should also redouble its efforts.
It is interesting to note that, in both directions, the main trade items are automotive industry items. We also import plastic and telecom material, while we sell Portugal textiles, steel and iron.

An idea that was already suggested on many occasions is that we should consider benefiting from partnerships to reach together regions such as Lusophone-African countries as well as Central Asia and the Middle East.

With regard to international investments, the most important was realized when CIMPOR bought 4 cement factories in Turkey five years ago. Today, we are happy to see that other Portuguese investments in the field of renewable energy and children´s garment stores are today realized in Turkey.

Tourism is another field which offers potential. Last year around 50 thousand Portuguese visitors went to Turkey. Now, there are daily flights between Istanbul and Lisbon. Indeed, an important Portuguese firm has already bought a hotel on the Aegean Coast.

What is missing in this equation is investments in Portugal by big Turkish companies. Maybe Portuguese privatizations will provide an opportunity for Turkish operators.

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate AIP (Associação Industrial Portuguesa) for organizing this important activity.

I wish that this meeting contributes to strengthening our relationship and that our trade volume doubles in the near future.

Thank you for your attention.

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