Ebru Barutçu Gökdenizler 23.07.2014
(23 Julho 2014,Dili)
Gostaria de transmitir as mais distintas saudações de Sua Excelência O Presidente da República da Turquia, Abdullah Gül. Ele deseja os melhores sucessos para a Décima Conferência de Chefes de Estado e de Governo da CPLP. Urgentes desenvolvimentos na nossa região infelizmente impediram Sua Excelência o Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros Senhor Davutoğlu de participar nesta Cimeira, apesar da sua real intenção. E indicou-me Enviada Especial para o representar aqui e hoje.
Gostaria de expressar a nossa profunda gratidão pela vossa decisão de atribuir à Turquia o estatuto de Observador Associado. Esta decisão de Vossas Excelências inaugura uma nova era nas relações da Turquia com o mundo Lusófono.
A CPLP é um fórum multilateral único, criando pontes entre quatro continentes. É como um diamante pousado entre a Europa, a América Latina, a África e a Ásia.
A CPLP é uma organização com cujos membros a Turquia tem boas relações e amizade. Este papel de observador associado junto da CPLP reforçará não apenas as nossas relações bilaterais com cada Estado Membro, mas também a componente multilateral das relações Turco-Lusófonas.
Com licença agora vou continuar em ingles.
Our application for Associate Observer status was based on a deliberate choice. We are aware of the ever-increasing importance of CPLP and the Portuguese language in global political and economic affairs. We appreciate that CPLP with its common assets such as language, population, natural resources and economic wealth will continue to be a relevant actor in the international arena.
Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Turkey has throughout history been at the intersection of international political, economic and cultural interaction at the heart of Afro-Eurasia. This strategic location requires Turkey to pursue an active, constructive and multi-dimensional foreign policy, intensifying its relations in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific regions. It has also naturally led Turkey to seek partners not only in its immediate and larger neighbourhood, but also to establish institutional cooperation on a wider scale across continents. Therefore, enhancing our cooperation with CPLP is complementary to our foreign policy vision. We believe that our Associate Observership will be mutually beneficial, providing added value to the CPLP as well.
Turkish economy has maintained its growth despite the global economic crisis. Currently, it is the 6th largest economy in Europe and the 17th largest economy of the world. Next year Turkey will chair the G-20 and hopefully will be an elected member of the UN Security Council.
Turkish foreign policy is based on universal values, such as democracy, pluralism, human rights, and the rule of law, which also constitute the guiding principles of CPLP. In addition to the strong regional component of our foreign policy, we are committed to and believe in the merits of multilateralism.
As a strong advocate of international solidarity and cooperation, Turkey is the 4th largest humanitarian donor in the world. Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) carries out development projects throughout the world.
To give a better idea about the diversity of the issues on our foreign policy agenda, let me mention that in 2011, Turkey hosted the United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in Istanbul. Last month we hosted the Ministerial Meeting of Turkey and 14 Small Island Developing States in the Pacific, in which Timor Leste also participated and the 3rd Istanbul Mediation Conference. Last week we hosted the First Ministerial Meeting of Turkey-CARICOM Cooperation and ConsultationMechanism. In May 2016, Istanbul will host the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit.
Turkey pursues policies of engagement with Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean. Turkey is one of the strategic partners of the African Union. We have increased the number of our Embassies in Africa from12 to 35, opening Embassies in 2 CPLP member states, Angola and Mozambique. We are also developing our relations with Cabo Verde, Sao Tome&Principe and Guinea Bissau, to whom we provided support during the recent electoral process. Further enhancing our relations with these countries is among our pr iorities.
We are developing our relations in the Asia-Pacific bilaterally as well as via regional organizations, such as ASEAN, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Pacific Islands Forum.
Similarly, our engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean prioritizes institutional ties with regional organizations like the Organization of American States (OAS), Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUL) and the Pacific Alliance. Brasil is a strategic partner for us in that continent.
Throughout history, Turkey served as a bridge between different civilizations. Therefore, it is no surprise that we are cosponsoring the Alliance of Civilizations Initiative. The first High Representative of this UN initiative was H.E. Jorge Sampaio, distinguished former President of Portugal, one of our strongest allies in Europe. We believe that our cooperation with CPLP will also contribute to the aims of the Alliance of Civilizations.
Associate Observer status will enable us to cooperate on several global issues of mutual interest on a structural basis. We will try to create synergies in contributing to the objectives of the CPLP.
As we eloborated in detail in our Action Plan, we have a roadmap with various activities that we intend to realise in the period ahead. We have already actually started implementing the roadmap which is intended to to reinforce ties between Turkey and the Lusofon world.
Com este fim, viramos hoje em Dili uma nova página no sentido da consolidação futura das nossas relações e da nossa cooperação com a CPLP e seus Estados-Membros.
Muito obrigada.


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